Drinking From the Six of Cups

B. Earl and his Passion for Tarot

Krista Stryker
7 min readFeb 6, 2024
Illustration by Mihajlo Stojanovic

“I think the biggest thing that we have as humans is our ability to imagine something and make it real.” — B. Earl

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Before I spoke to B. Earl at the suggestion of former On Fire interviewee John Bucher, who called him one of the most passionate people in the world, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into.

I figured we would cover the wild range of passions he’s known for publicly: weaving superhero tales for Marvel; producing documentaries and animated series with his creative partner Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas; co-founding and curating Comic Book Sunday, the largest comic book, film, and animation community in Los Angeles; plotting blockchain marketing strategies; cooking up metaverses with companies just venturing into these new and imaginary worlds; exploring imaginative uses of artificial intelligence.

If anything, I figured that we’d discuss how, sometimes, living a life on fire may not mean the monomaniacal pursuit of one passion, but a variety of passions tied together by a larger theme.



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