Fascinated by Fascia

Krista Stryker
9 min readFeb 20, 2024

Dr. Edythe Heus and Her Passion for Muscles, Movement, and How Our Bodies Fit Together

Illustration by Mihajlo Stojanovic

“I may have to fix something in your ankle to fix your neck. That’s what’s so much fun — you get to be a detective.” — Dr. Edythe Heus

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“Here,” Dr. Edythe Heus says as she hands me two long wooden poles. “Take these.”

Then she gestures at two wooden plates mounted on round wooden balls positioned a few feet apart and instructs me to stand on them. “Try and balance while holding onto the poles lightly,” she says. I’ve just been introduced to the wobble disc weight shift — and one of its masters.

Grasping the poles, I instinctively use them like hiking sticks as I attempt to maneuver myself onto the plates. Instantly, I fall off. After a few more attempts, I conclude that it’s all an illusion and I’m stepping onto a bed of giant marbles. Each time, I crumble onto the floor before I can get my footing.

As I fall again and again, Dr. Heus gazes at me attentively, her eyes piecing together an invisible puzzle. Her goal? To assess how well I can stabilize…



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